Monday, November 23, 2015

Snow Day Exercise

If conditions are safe, get OUT and choose a vigorous activity. Take and record a resting heart rate first. Remember to warm up.  Clean off your parents cars for warm up and flexibility, for example.  Increase intensity by getting the shoveling done.  You may choose to walk through deep snow, snowshoe, cross country ski, or play pond hockey.  Be creative.  Mr. Walsh would snowmobile and ice fish! Whatever you choose, take a "working heart rate" at some point during your "intense" exercise.   Remember and record that on the Snow Day Activity Form.  Spend a minimum of 45 minutes of activity time. After a "cool down" with a hot chocolate, send your form with your school email address describing what you did and how much time spent doing it.  Which component(s) of fitness did you work on?  Was your working heart rate in the target zone? Did you have fun or would you rather be at school?

Indoor activity choices may include yoga, zumba, pilates, jump rope, hula hoop, jogging in place, exercise videos or youtube options.  Follow directions above.

Click here to record workout.